Noun: “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”

Keep staff up to date and maintain interest plus motivation

Keeping employees focused and on track can create huge roadblocks to the motivation necessary for a business to succeed. Lean Six Sigma’s Operational Excellence focuses on strengthening employees to create a robust team attitude that is focused on overall efficiency and delivering happy customers.

The rules are simple. First, no finger pointing or blaming or shaming. The idea is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to talk about real issues derailing company success without fear of retribution. For it to work, trust must start at the top. Owners and managers must totally buy into the concept. Lip service alone will not be enough to ensure that trust among employees will be preserved.

Rule number two: If an employee identifies a problem, he or she needs to be part of the solution. The net result of this rule is an increased level of collaboration throughout all operational layers in addition to the reduction in employee conflicts. Face it: every organization must deal with its divas who demand to be in the spotlight or the troublemakers who thrive on backstabbing and gossip. As the company’s team building skill evolve, problem employees either adapt or self-eject. Either way, the overall results are positive for the company and the employees.

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