Bonnie McBee Fisher
Program Director | Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Business tools: Operational Excellence

As a manager or business owner, are you constantly trying to defuse your employees?

Negativity feeds complaints, complaints feed negativity, and neither makes for an employee who delivers a high-level performance. When employees see problems as only problems, and those problems persist they become blind to their own power to solve problems and ultimately become disgruntled with management for “allowing” those problems to persist. And unfortunately, when businesses take a quick response to problems, they miss drilling down to explore a wider variety of solutions.

Businesses who adopt an operational excellence system or OE create an environment where both employees and management are always on the lookout for opportunities and a system for problem-solving. Companies improve as a whole, management gets buy-in, and employees feel their voices are values.

There will be a special OE workshop as part of the TwopointO Lean Six Sigma Training & Workshop. Participants will hear from an industry expert whose West Virginia company has had great success with Operational Excellence system.

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