Monica Cross
Principal | Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

Tremendous emphasis on streamlining, standardization, and efficiency has brought industry to where it is today. So, it is not surprising that our business culture has ingrained this practice. Breaking processes apart and isolating workflow cycles to produce repeatable, predictable results has become the go-to solution for industry. But will this method continue to produce optimum results within the changing business landscape?

To meet the complexities of globalization, technology, and varied stakeholder interests, a focus on standardization is no longer enough to maintain industry’s competitive edge. Recent studies suggest that in many situations, a singular focus on standardization can be a hindrance to success.

The modern business world represents a magnitude of complex systems that simply cannot be evaluated in traditional ways. With the emerging changes rippling through organizations, adaptability has become a vital component of efficiency. Businesses that are able to balance the capacity to adapt with the drive for greater efficiency will realize the highest levels of optimization.

Is your company up to the challenge?

Adapt.Innovate.Perform. Workshop offers a deep dive into the balancing act necessary to energize corporate cultures and generate solid performance results.


One low price for 3 interactive training sessions

18 hours of training including 3 industry roundtable lunches

SISSONVILLE Workshop Registration Deadline: February 28, 2018

Training days: 3/6, 4/24, 6/6

All sessions: 10AM - 4PM including lunch

MORGANTOWN Workshop Registration Deadline: March 14, 2018

Training days: 3/20, 4/18, 6/13

All sessions: 10AM - 4PM including lunch

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