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Helping the foodservice and hospitality industry to carry out the unique visions that will appeal to a robust clientele.

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  • Tasting, Appetizer, and Three Course Meal Workshops
  • Customized BITE To Meet Your Needs

In the fast pace environment of the food and beverage industry, it's easy to lose control of problems which can quickly threaten a business’s existence. BITE's team are experts at troubleshooting problems before situations can spell disaster.  We are seasoned professionals in the fields of business development, foodservice, hospitality, human resources and marketing with have a passion for quality food and service staff excellence.  


Two-hour introductory session will provide you with techniques and tools to immediately infuse energy into all aspects of your business.


Five-hour intensive session will delve into the ingredients that are powering your business.  Explore and develop more efficient ways to implement in your operations so that your customers will be singing your praises.  Each participant will receive one 30 minute follow-up video call.

Three Course Meal Workshops

Is your business in need of comprehensive training - either to solve current challenges or to propel it to new heights?  Our comprehensive training will help you analyze your business and human resource process, provide strategies for hospitality and foodservice plus create a marketing approach to fuel your operations.

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