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The rapid pace of business produces both challenges and opportunities that will impact a company’s long-term success. TwoPointO’s multi-faceted unique approach strips down high-level process improvement methodologies and applies them to industry-specific processes, as well as to the culture of the organization.

What we do
  • Operational Excellence & Process Improvement
  • Strategy Innovation


Cross Training & Skill Development
  • ‍Frequently clients struggle with filling employee gaps. Building upon Value Stream Analysis, clients learn how to develop and implement an efficient cross-training program for their business. This program utilizes methods for leveraging internal talent, staffing more strategically, and boosting motivation.
Operational Excellence‍
  • ‍TwoPointO trains clients to develop a working knowledge of how to best employ streamlining techniques. This program increases efficiency throughout the organization while creating employee buy-in and ownership. Clients gain an in-depth understanding of process mapping, problem-solving, solution implementation, and process control plans to diffuse roadblocks that may derail business operations.
Process Improvement
  • ‍It is not unusual for businesses to hit snags that disrupt the normal flow of operations and ultimately impact the bottom line. TwoPointO helps companies retool the procedural steps necessary to deliver quality products with minimal delays. End results create a stronger business model geared to generating a re-energized workforce and more satisfied customers.
Strategy Innovation
  • With a growth mindset comes the ability to embrace emerging technologies geared for enhanced business operations. TwoPointO trains clients to meet the new demands head-on. Get started with a business strengths assessments to provide a bumper-to-bumper look at opportunities and expose critical gaps which need to be filled before diving into new challenges.
Value Stream Analysis
  • The analysis is used to capture and define the critical activities that allow TwoPointO clients to best meet expectations needed to successfully grow their businesses. Clients gain the ability to identify opportunities for improvement by eliminating waste within the business model.
‍Workflow Management System
  • ‍TwoPointO assists clients in developing and maintaining an infrastructure to track job sequences by defining and monitoring performance. Emphasis is placed on identifying workflow trends throughout the organization.
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